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Industrial Bonding and Assembly

Parlite UV curable Adhesive is sued for various Industrial applications for Glass and metal bonding cures using UV lights.

Grade Substrates Viscosity @ 25 °C Color Refractive Index Shear Strength Hardness Application  
3021 Glass, Metals 500 cps Clear 1.495 7.5 N/mm2 60D Ideal for bonding glass bevels. Good flexibility and clarity. Enquiry
4111 Glass to itself and Metals 6,000 cps Clear 1.475 10.5 N/mm2 72D High viscosity, high strength glass to metal bonder. Wide range of industrial applications. Possible to cure under sunlight. Enquiry
4123 Glass to Glass, Metals 100 cps Clear 1.495 30 N/mm2 55D Ideal for decorative or structural glass bonding. Very low viscosity penetrates between the joints to provide very high bond. Enquiry
4125 Glass to Plastics 65 cps Clear 1.485 23 N/mm2 60D Ideal for bonding hard plastics to glass. Suitable for laminating plastic filters between glass sheets. High strength, very low viscosity. Enquiry
4130 Glass, Metals 3,500 cps Clear 1.490 25 N/mm2 65D Ideal for wide variety of industrial bonding applications. Suitable to bond small decorative glass/metal objects. Enquiry
4020 Glass, Metals 2,000 cps Clear 1.495 19 N/mm2 68D Suitable for wide variety of industrial applications. Strong adhesion to wide variety of metals. Enquiry
4145 Glass, Metals 7,500 cps Clear 1.485 26 N/mm2 70D UV, heat or activator curable adhesive. Ideally suitable for deep cure or where light cannot penetrate. Durable adhesive designed for glass and metal bonding. Enquiry
4150 Glass, Metals, Plastics 2,500 cps Clear 1.465 17 N/mm2 65D Visible light curable. Excellent adhesion to wide variety of plastics, glass and metal surfaces. High strength. Enquiry
4155 PC, Metals, Plastics 4,000 cps Clear 1.455 19 N/mm2 68D Excellent adhesion to polycarbonate and various thermoplastics to metals. Visible light curable. Enquiry

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